First Training of Social Inclusion in Shtip, part of the Project EPESI-21st and 22nd November 2016

As part of the Project EPESI – Entrepreneurship Platform for Economic and Social Inclusion of women from minority groups funded by European Union-Operative Program for Human Resources Development 2007-2013 (IPA Component IV), in the trainings were included the unemployed women from Shtip. These trainings took place on the 21st and 22nd November 2016.

The unemployed women participants in the training have acquired:
-improved personal capacities, 
-skills for writing CV and motivational letter, 
-building self-confidence, 
-presentation and communication skills, 
-finances for non-financiers, 
-skills and competences in the part of business ethics
and they got familiar with all the possibilities for employment and self-employment offered in Republic of Macedonia.
All the participants have taken active participation in the training and have evaluated the training with the highest mark both in the part of professionalism and in the part of organization, and they valued them as a very important and useful experience in their future .

You can see the photographs at the following link: