Second Training of Social Inclusion, part of the Project EPESI-16th and 17 th November 2016

Today in the regional VET center of Macedonian Development Center for Civil Organisations in Skopje the training for social inclusion has been finished for the second group of unemployed women from minority groups, which took place on the 16th and 17th November 2016. The training for social inclusion has been realized within the Project EPESI – Entrepreneurship Platform for Economic and Social Inclusion of women from minority groups funded by European Union-Operative Program for Human Resources Development 2007-2013 (IPA Component IV). These and the following trainings the unemployed women will enrich the level of economic and social integration of unemployed women from minority groups through their education, prequalification and development of personal skills. 

The Project promotes:
-Increasing and strengthening the relation between the offer and demand of labor force
-Support and improvement of personal capacities and employment and self-employment possibilities through increasing of the level and obtaining practical skills
-Creating a system for continuous training of specific target group aimed at development of personal skills according to previous identification of the real needs of employers
-Raising awareness of the business community for the professional capacities of these category of persons for the purpose of improvement of the economic condition in these regions
-Increasing the institutional cooperation between the nongovernmental sector and governmental institutions on the other side: Ministry of Education and Science, Ministry of Labor and Social Policy and Agency of Employment of Republic of Macedonia at local and regional level.

You can see the photographs at the following link: